For the love of life and the life of one loved

Sunday August 24th, 2014 the Relay Rockers held a special event and celebration to give thanks and to honor three very special people.

The first was a warm dedication to their co-founder and late friend Alliez Mysterio with the creation of the Alliez Mysterio Award followed by this years recipients. What follows was gratiously shared by Trader Whiplash.

The Relay Rockers are please to present the Alliez Mysterio Award to Honor our late friend and co-founder.

Alliez Mysterio came to Second Life in 2003.  A pioneering virtual explorer Alliez saw the potential of the nascent private island sims and in 2005 her first sim, Rue d’Alliez opened.  From that single island d’Alliez Estates spread over the grid, growing to more than 150 islands.  She established a system of ownership and rentals that has provided a home to many residents of Second Life regardless of their virtual manifestations, lifestyles or interests.  She made every effort to accommodate her tenants, was always there to address issues and was loved by all who came to know her.
Alliez_001In 2005 she joined with Trader Whiplash and Nuala Maracas and formed the team that became known as the Relay Rockers.  From 2005 until breast cancer took her from us in 2013 Alliez was a steadfast supporter of both the Relay Rockers and Relay For Life of Second Life.

Alliez_007This award will be given annually to the person or persons who, in the opinion of the team’s award committee, have exhibited “Relentless Dedication”  and have made an “Enduring Contribution” to the Relay For Life of Second Life.

Our first winner of the 2014 Alliez Mysterio award is also a pioneer.  When Relay began in 2005 Second Life was a different platform than it is today.  While it represented the most advanced 3-d communications platform ever, it was far less sophisticated than the Second Life of 2014.  Our Relay relied on simple scripts to collect donations.  Security issues, while not serious, were a consideration, and a means to sell items to benefit the American Cancer Society had not yet been developed.
Dwen Dooley,  began to find new means to improve our Relay tools. He created new ways to sell items and to spread the word about our teams and our events.  Dwen created the Event Boards that we see all over the grid,  he saw the need for Raffle Vendors, Dual Team Kiosks and Auction Kiosks.  He also created the donation givers and the halo givers and continued to advance all of these devices as quickly as Linden Lab provided new and updated means.

Dwen Dance OffDwen who began in Relay as a Relay Rocker,  served as event co-chair from 2010 – 2013. A survivor himself he spoke loudly in support of the Mission of the American Cancer Society and our very special Relay.  He even encouraged his good friend Stinky to become the Rodent of the Hour with the creation of Skunking and De-Skunking Kiosks.   He monitored convio and maintained the recording systems that enable the American Cancer Society and the Relay For Life of Second Life to continue to grow and reach ever stronger numbers each season.  

Alliez_002Therefore, the Relay Rockers are honored and proud to present the 2014 Alliez Mysterio Award to Dwen Dooley, for his  relentless dedication and enduring contributions to the Relay For Life of Second Life.

Our Second recipient this year has lead Relay For Life to two record breaking seasons.  A member of Relay For Life since 2007 she began as part of the TVCH teams.  In 2008 she formed the Relay AllStars and with her teammates began what is now an annual mega-event, the Home And Garden Expo.   

She came to the committee in 2008 as a Live Music coordinator. In 2009 she was invited to join the committee on the event day staff. She became a Co-Chair in 2011 and served with her friend MamaP Beerbaum as our Relay grew in size and stature in both the virtual and organic worlds.  In 2013 she was chosen to serve as Event Chair and shepherded Relay to another record season as the largest virtual event passed the $2,000,000 mark.   This season she was at the helm as Relay set records for teams, participants and raised an incredible $410,000!

NikkiNikki Mathieson graced Relay For Life with her steadfast determination, and her ability to find the right people for the right roles.  She took the lessons learned from her predecessors,  Fayandria Foley, Tayzia Abbatoir and MamaP Beerbaum and molded them into a vision of Relay that allows us all to Celebrate Remember and Fight Back as many teams walking together as one world!

Alliez_003Therefore, the Relay Rockers are honored and proud to present the 2014 Alliez Mysterio Award to Nikki Mathieson for her relentless dedication and enduring contributions to the Relay For Life of Second Life.

Trader Whiplash

I never had the honor to formally meet Alliez Mysterio before her passing, but I did have the immense pleasure to witness the outpouring of love and grief at her wake. And to witness her legacy by following the antics and effort the Relay Rockers since my involvement with Relay For Life of Second Life from 2011. The Relay Rockers are a dedicate group of warm, hard working and supportive people, that I am delighted to call family, as do for so many other on the grid do.

I had the pleasure to work with Dwen Dooley during my time on the committee during 2011 and 2012 seasons and there is no one person that I can think of, that has worked harder to make Relay For Life of Second Life the success it is today, by his creation of all the fundraising and promotional tool we have on the grid. Tools we are now being emulated as others grow Relay For Life of InWorldz in the foot steps of the tireless effort Dwen blazed. He is in my humbled option, the strongest candidate for the Relay For Life of Second Life Hall Of Fame and have no doubt what so ever, he will grace that special place of honor someday.

And Nikki Mathieson. She stands right next to MamaP Beerbaum was the two people I adore the most in Relay For Life of Second Life. When Nikki laughed, you laughed, when she cried, you cried. Need I say more?

Because of these people and groups mention in this article, and countless more all over Relay For Life of Second Life, that I will always smile warmly, when move on from all this and think back on my time with all these wonderful and amazing people, doing this thing we do for HOPE and the CURE. For they are all such wonderful people.


A Journey of Promise

Relay For Life of Second Life 2014 is a few short days ways from kicking off the 2014 season of A Journey of Promise on March 8th, 2014

2014 RFL of SL Logo square 1024x1024

There have been a lot of changes since last years amazing season. First they have a new site at and a wiki pages in the works, much like the one that was set up for Relay For Life of InWolrdz last year. Thanks Jessii Warrhol for your hard work doing this for both Relays.

And thanks to Dwen Dooley he had a heap of work to do to all the technology with these changes and some how found the time to make a few cool additions like the dual team kiosk for team can team up for a fundraising event and have the donation shared without the need to place out separate kiosk. Very slick, Dwen!

Another change to the season makeup is Paint SL Purple is not a week long activity in mid season, but a month long precursor to announce to the grid we as about to kick off the 2014 season.

Other notable changes to the season schedule are the mega events. May can now be considered Mega May Month with a bit of rollover into June.

Fantasy Faire ~ May 1-11
Fiction for a Cure ~ May 16-26
The Sci-Fi Convention ~ May 30 – June 8
Fashion For Life ~ June 7-20
The Breedables Fair ~ TBA

There are a ton more changes, but you will just have to follow along to find out more. Better yet, why don’t you visit the site and click on the orange Register You Team and find out first hand the joy we have in Relay For Life!

Peter Jurasik at SFA Con

PJ #2 RFL in SL Sci Fi Con #6 - Steampunk Theater, Straczy

Zander Greene interviews “the voice” of Peter Jurasik

Actor Peter Jurasik, known for roles including Londo Mollari in Babylon 5 and Sid the Snitch in Hill Street Blues,  made a special apprearence at the Science Fiction Alliance Convention (a Relay For Life of Second Life Event) on Sunday, June 23rd. The live audio interview was moderated by Zander Greene, Teams Area Chair for Relay of Life of Second Life and broadcast on Fantasy Faire Radio.

Jurasik addressed topics ranging from his work in television and film, the role that Science Fiction and technology play in a global culture, and his own personal reasons for supporting Relay For Life.

 “Peter Jurasik’s incredible talent as an actor creates characters that we feel like we know personally,” says Convention organizer, Ariadne Fall.  “His ability to tell a great story to his fans precedes him.”

 The SFA convention is part of the Relay For Life of Second Life, which so far this year has raised over $280,000 US. The convention brought together a wide range of RPG communities and merchants to raise funds for RFL and to celebrate the creativity, innovation and spirit of community within the genre of Science Fiction.

One World, One Fight – Foundation Org

I would love to showcase one of the many amazing teams taking part in Relay For Life of Second Life, a team from Brazil called Foundation Organization for Life.

Foundation For Life_002

This is their second year participating in our Relay group and I have attended many of their events.  I do have to say, they bring a very unique flavor and style to their events.

Like all of us, they too have been touched by cancer, and like all of us, could not stand still.  They chose to fight alongside all of us.

Foundation For Life_003

Foundation Org is captained by Luna Portio (lunavonrandolf Kenin) and is a tightly knit group of friends.  Geez, do they know how to party!  They bring some of the best music to the fight which has you asking: who needs a vacation when you can TP to a Foundation event.  Absolutely wonderful.

For me, what is amazing about Foundation Org is the noise they make on Facebook and I strongly recommend you check their group out and given them a “Like” at this group link:

Foundation Org has also created a website, where they host a pile of info about the team, pictures of their events and even video.

Coming from Brazil, English is not their native language, so communications doesn’t come easy to them, in a group populated mostly by Americans, Canadians and Europeans. But like all of us in Relay, we stand tall to challenges.  Some of us are learning Portuguese, others use the tools at hand available in SL, in the way of translators. One of the ones I found is from Metanomics available on Marketplace for $20L and has come in very handy on more than one occasion during my time on the committee.

Foundation For Life_001

I urge you to stop by a Foundation Org event, fill their kiosks with your Linden Loving and support a very hard working and caring team of Relay fighters. What better way to demonstrate our understanding that we understand, cancer is a world fight.


Snapshot 2 _ _The Club_, Jai (222, 228, 22) - Moderate

Harmony of Hope hosted a BOLLYWOOD Event on Sunday May 12 with Best Costume Prize, Trivia and a Beautiful Set and Music.

Beau Buccaneer was the inspiration and created an eclectic set of music for the event.
Julia Zangsun build a lush and beautiful set.
Tee Auster provided Bollywood Trivia.
The women were gorgeous and the men handsome.
Sensual, smexy and all for a great cause!!!!

Snapshot _ _The Club_, Jai (222, 228, 22) - Moderate

Please No Squeeza Da Banana

Snapshot _ RFL May Day together we finish the fight, TRU May Da

Team Petuniia Gardens blowing up the banana’s at the TRU May Day on Sunday May 5. DJ Atti from the team played hot swing tunes helpped out by Lacey in the red dress. Madonna has been supporting the team as mentor and coach.

Petuniia leads the team, along with Co captains Rikki Scarmon and griff caedmon. Petuniia is happy to have party like this where everyone feels so good. “Our FUN work is never done!”