13 Hour Encore

13 hour event 1_002

The 13 Hour Encore held on Sunday August 4, 2013, was a multi team event to try to get us up and over 400,000 US Dollars for the 2013 Relay season. The event was staged at multiple venues with T1 Radio and RFL live DJs hopping site to site.

There were a ton of challenges. One was to “wipe” the name off the kiosk of the person who just hit that kiosk with their donation. This caused a bit of a frenzy with a lot of chatter in local and Volunteer’s chat!

Serina Juran and friends
Shay Sunnyside and Corkie Houston


The event was sponsored by Relay Rockers. Trader Whiplash says, “it was a perfect example of what has made this season just so amazing… there were people from all different teams.  More than 20 kiosks were rezzed at the various venues. 

The Rockers had a phenominal season..and as the Legacy Team, as we have been called by Relayers, we wanted to do more for the one team that matters…and for all the other teams too! T1’s RFL DJ team stepped up and hit the ball out of the park with great music all day and the venue owners were so generous! It really was a great success!”

A special shout out to Nuala Maracas who put a trememdous amount of energy into organizing the event!!!


Nerd Tunes by Doc

3  RFL in SL Sci Fi Con #6 - Merciless Ming's , Gaiman

DJ DOC aka Holocluck Henly

On Saturday, June 22, DJ Doc aka Holocluck Henly of RFL ADvocacy played a special set of NERDTUNES, a mix of scifi and movie music, novelties, parodies, cult favorites and more. The venue was Merciless Ming’s at the SciFi Con. What a great set and we hope Doc will spin more again in the near future!

This was the 6th year of the Second Life SciFi convention with six regions of pure scifi bliss and many many scifi based RFL teams with booths. If you didn’t make it, put the event on your calendar for next year!

Peter Jurasik at SFA Con

PJ #2 RFL in SL Sci Fi Con #6 - Steampunk Theater, Straczy

Zander Greene interviews “the voice” of Peter Jurasik

Actor Peter Jurasik, known for roles including Londo Mollari in Babylon 5 and Sid the Snitch in Hill Street Blues,  made a special apprearence at the Science Fiction Alliance Convention (a Relay For Life of Second Life Event) on Sunday, June 23rd. The live audio interview was moderated by Zander Greene, Teams Area Chair for Relay of Life of Second Life and broadcast on Fantasy Faire Radio.

Jurasik addressed topics ranging from his work in television and film, the role that Science Fiction and technology play in a global culture, and his own personal reasons for supporting Relay For Life.

 “Peter Jurasik’s incredible talent as an actor creates characters that we feel like we know personally,” says Convention organizer, Ariadne Fall.  “His ability to tell a great story to his fans precedes him.”

 The SFA convention is part of the Relay For Life of Second Life, which so far this year has raised over $280,000 US. The convention brought together a wide range of RPG communities and merchants to raise funds for RFL and to celebrate the creativity, innovation and spirit of community within the genre of Science Fiction.

Revelry for Relay

Winterfell Community Center - Rosehaven, Winterfell

Gabrielle Riel from Radio Riel presented a special edition of her monthly Revelry on Reverie radio show.  She played music from the turn of the 19th and 20th centuries and we all danced to Early Jazz, Ragtime and other popular music of the time. The event was broadcast on http://music.radioriel.org.

The Aether Chrononauts traveled back in time with the to 1913, the year in which the American Cancer Society was founded.  The event was formal with dresses and suits from the Edwardian era. Cassie, Wildstar, Olde and Gabi planned the stunning event in the Revelry 1913 Ballroom at Rosehaven. It was truly a formal tea for a great cause.

We thank Miss Riel for supporting the Aether Chrononauts and for supporting Relay for Life!

Bill Wheelwright’s Why I Relay

Bill Wheelwright wanted me to share this about his brother to help people see the deadly lethal reality of cancer:


“He was a straight A student, maxed out on SAT scores, excelled as a star athlete in every major sport. In a one year span, my youngest brother went from a healthy athlete to ashes in a vase, an image that will always haunt me. That is how evil cancer is, and why we must never give up; until the cure is found.”

Bill's Brother

How the Skunk met his fate…..

You know how to tell real friends?  They love you, even when you are coated with the perfumed aroma of a certain striped rodent.

Sunday night was a wonderful example, when the Relay Rockers and T1 Radio hosted an event to “DeSkunk” two teams: Team Shadow and RFL ADvocacy.  The de-scenting went very quickly, and both teams shooed away Stinky with its tail between its legs before the first half hour of the event was up.  Thank you to everyone who came, donated and danced with us in celebration.

However, perhaps the best of Second Life was demonstrated later in the event when the SL RFL family came together to support Team Run For Life Angels, and a young man named Wolf.  The Day of the Wolf began with an event at Bill Wheelwright’s new “made for Relay” venue at Pooley Plaza.  A fantastic U2 tribute concert in support of the newly formed Run For Life Angels Team raised funds in the Bronze level area.   Later, after the skunked teams had been thoroughly cleaned, Trader1 Whiplash-Ballinger voiced over T1Radio and posted in Volunteers Chat the saga of the teenager who had been sentenced to “no hope” and reminded us all of what our drive and generosity can accomplish.  Trader was joined by Bill, Mandy Lavarock, Oldesoul Eldemer and others in encouraging donations and support to this young man.  The result:  raising over 30K for Run For Life Angels and the American Cancer Society.

Well…..like I said.  Stinky is gone from Team Shadow and RFL ADvocacy, but he left a lasting impression. Wonder if you all knew this:  Skunk spray is an oily substance with a sulfur base.  The horrid smell is the product of mercaptans, an organic compound contained within the spray.  Though everyone knows that the spray is useful for skunks in defending themselves, few people are aware that humans benefit from the smell as well.  Scientists have found that adding mercaptans to odor free natural gas serves to assist in detecting leaks from furnaces and stoves.

By Panza Finch….who hands her husband a slightly used gas mask and a note not to open his mouth around Stringrays anymore…..

Bain sneaks in — Sometimes that filter between the mind and mouth doesn’t always work. The one thing I have to add is that I have never been more proud and honored to be part of this amazing family of friends the world over.  How we all stand united in our resolve, to each do what we can to end this fight, to support one another and how we have all grown so very close to each other.

They say Relay is a life changing event. I have come to know this as a fact, and I have seen that change with most everyone I’ve grown of come to know here and as they are welcomed into our Relay family. I’ve seen with my own eyes, a shy and quiet soul change into a potent force for Relay in both their Second Life and in their First Life.

A Tribute to Ingrid

I am Madonna Daehlie, and I’d like to share with you why I Relay.

I Relay because nothing in this world is more important than love. Each one of us has a person we love more than anyone else, or anything, in this world. They mean more to us than anything, and our world is so much better because they’re part of it. I Relay so that, someday soon, all of our loved ones will never have to battle cancer, or be taken by this horrible disease.

On August 9, 2008, a beautiful and amazing woman named Ingrid lost her battle with cancer. Even though she is no longer with us, I still love her with all of my heart. The name “Ingrid” means “Beautiful Goddess”, and she truly was, and always will be, my “Beautiful Goddess”. This world is not the same without her in it, and not a moment goes by without me missing her greatly.


I Relay in her memory, so that I may carry her flag and show she will never be forgotten.

I Relay because cancer not only hurts the people fighting this terrible disease, but the people who love them.
I Relay to fight back against the disease that took away such beauty from our world.
Along with Relaying for my own Ingrid, I also Relay for everyone’s “Ingrid”, so that someday, nobody will lose the person they love and cherish more than anything to cancer.

Together, may we make this world one without cancer, for all the ones we love.

Madonna Daehlie, reminding you, to help give cancer the boot… Please continue to support Relay For Life!

Relay For Hope 2009-2011
2011-2012 Co Captain Relay For Hope
2013 Coach