Revelry for Relay

Winterfell Community Center - Rosehaven, Winterfell

Gabrielle Riel from Radio Riel presented a special edition of her monthly Revelry on Reverie radio show.  She played music from the turn of the 19th and 20th centuries and we all danced to Early Jazz, Ragtime and other popular music of the time. The event was broadcast on

The Aether Chrononauts traveled back in time with the to 1913, the year in which the American Cancer Society was founded.  The event was formal with dresses and suits from the Edwardian era. Cassie, Wildstar, Olde and Gabi planned the stunning event in the Revelry 1913 Ballroom at Rosehaven. It was truly a formal tea for a great cause.

We thank Miss Riel for supporting the Aether Chrononauts and for supporting Relay for Life!


Under The Sea

The Second Life Cheerleading Squad hosted an
Under the Sea RFL fundraising party on Sunday May 19.

Snapshot _ The SL Cheerleading Squad _ SLCS Stadium, Cheertopia

Here is Avery in a beautiful dance float!

During the Halfway There Fair they revieced their ribbons for

Silver Fundraising and the Convio Challenge.

Captian Kristina Curtau along with Co-Captain Valkyrie Twine lead the team.

Please No Squeeza Da Banana

Snapshot _ RFL May Day together we finish the fight, TRU May Da

Team Petuniia Gardens blowing up the banana’s at the TRU May Day on Sunday May 5. DJ Atti from the team played hot swing tunes helpped out by Lacey in the red dress. Madonna has been supporting the team as mentor and coach.

Petuniia leads the team, along with Co captains Rikki Scarmon and griff caedmon. Petuniia is happy to have party like this where everyone feels so good. “Our FUN work is never done!”