How the Skunk met his fate…..

You know how to tell real friends?  They love you, even when you are coated with the perfumed aroma of a certain striped rodent.

Sunday night was a wonderful example, when the Relay Rockers and T1 Radio hosted an event to “DeSkunk” two teams: Team Shadow and RFL ADvocacy.  The de-scenting went very quickly, and both teams shooed away Stinky with its tail between its legs before the first half hour of the event was up.  Thank you to everyone who came, donated and danced with us in celebration.

However, perhaps the best of Second Life was demonstrated later in the event when the SL RFL family came together to support Team Run For Life Angels, and a young man named Wolf.  The Day of the Wolf began with an event at Bill Wheelwright’s new “made for Relay” venue at Pooley Plaza.  A fantastic U2 tribute concert in support of the newly formed Run For Life Angels Team raised funds in the Bronze level area.   Later, after the skunked teams had been thoroughly cleaned, Trader1 Whiplash-Ballinger voiced over T1Radio and posted in Volunteers Chat the saga of the teenager who had been sentenced to “no hope” and reminded us all of what our drive and generosity can accomplish.  Trader was joined by Bill, Mandy Lavarock, Oldesoul Eldemer and others in encouraging donations and support to this young man.  The result:  raising over 30K for Run For Life Angels and the American Cancer Society.

Well… I said.  Stinky is gone from Team Shadow and RFL ADvocacy, but he left a lasting impression. Wonder if you all knew this:  Skunk spray is an oily substance with a sulfur base.  The horrid smell is the product of mercaptans, an organic compound contained within the spray.  Though everyone knows that the spray is useful for skunks in defending themselves, few people are aware that humans benefit from the smell as well.  Scientists have found that adding mercaptans to odor free natural gas serves to assist in detecting leaks from furnaces and stoves.

By Panza Finch….who hands her husband a slightly used gas mask and a note not to open his mouth around Stringrays anymore…..

Bain sneaks in — Sometimes that filter between the mind and mouth doesn’t always work. The one thing I have to add is that I have never been more proud and honored to be part of this amazing family of friends the world over.  How we all stand united in our resolve, to each do what we can to end this fight, to support one another and how we have all grown so very close to each other.

They say Relay is a life changing event. I have come to know this as a fact, and I have seen that change with most everyone I’ve grown of come to know here and as they are welcomed into our Relay family. I’ve seen with my own eyes, a shy and quiet soul change into a potent force for Relay in both their Second Life and in their First Life.


Please No Squeeza Da Banana

Snapshot _ RFL May Day together we finish the fight, TRU May Da

Team Petuniia Gardens blowing up the banana’s at the TRU May Day on Sunday May 5. DJ Atti from the team played hot swing tunes helpped out by Lacey in the red dress. Madonna has been supporting the team as mentor and coach.

Petuniia leads the team, along with Co captains Rikki Scarmon and griff caedmon. Petuniia is happy to have party like this where everyone feels so good. “Our FUN work is never done!”

Plans do go wrong

WoW, just made it through a crazy week and looks like, that is not going to change for the next two as I try to juggle all the items on my plate.

As some of you know, I am a mature college student, taking an advertising and marketing program and I am down to the wire with the last few weeks of the course, so the workload is at heavy, as it will ever get.  And if that not enough, I am still actively trying to do what I can, with my team for Relay For Life of Second Life.

This past week, my part of the RFL ADvocacy team, held two events.

The first was a multi team event held with the team of Aether Chrononauts called the RFL Cartoon Caper of SL was people were encouraged to wear cartoon avatars.


The second was an idea Aryon Dagger presented to me, centered on the idea that this year being the 100th anniversary of the American Cancer Society, to host a Formal Birthday Ball.


Now as anyone knows, the best plans do often go astray, and both events had their measure of that.

At the Cartoon Capers, Aryon Dagger‘s DJ program decided to eat the play list and only play sound effects and was not able to perform the task at hand.

At the Formal Birthday Ball, the area we had set up the venue was on a different parcel to the one I had access to and didn’t discover my error, until the time it can to start the event. This oversight required me to move the whole venue across the sim and in so doing, lost the dance machine we had for the event.

However, the incredible thing about the people in Relay For Life of Second Life, is they are more than willing to help out and bless them all, helped pull off both events with grace and in the end, made both even a success. I am so humbled for everyone’s contribution in my time of need and crisis.

In the case of the Capers, DJ Al Red Rider stepped in to cover for Aryon time slot and I own him a debt of gratitude.

In the case of the Formal dance Gem Sunkiller and Sasha Fairywren team Captain of Team Shadow, both stepped in, to offer the guest a ride on their dance hud and we carried on, to what turned out to be another wonderful event for the team.

Holocluck Henly and his team members of RFL ADvocacy, have been busy too. Together we raised about $20,000 lindens this past week, and I am so delighted with everyone efforts.

However, the big and most delightful surprise was came from Jennifer Wolf when she was at a local event and the subject of Convio came up. Being the person she is, quickly put it out that she had a Convio account for her efforts in Relay, and bless her and her cousin’s best friend, donated $200 USD to the team.

I do have to say again, I am so thankful for everyone efforts and thankful for those that step in, to help in a moment panic, to carry the torch forward. I do not have the words to express my gratitude for what this did. Just saying thank you, just does not cut it.

But I also know, that at the core, this is the root of the One Team Ideal, that is Relay.

We are all in this for one reason, to do what we each can, for the HOPE we all carry in Relay. We are in this fight together, and problem is just another word for challenge, and challenges are to overcome, so that we all move forward as one. In this, I am delighted to do my little part and being a part of something, that is so big as the global fight to end this thing, called cancer.


Second Life Cheerleading Squad at The County Music Jam

Snapshot _ Country Music Jam...Together...we can finish this fi

The Second Life Cheerleading Squad is a virtual cheerleading team dedicated to bringing Spirit and Fun to the residents of Second Life.

Started in 2007 by Christi Charron, the SLCS has blossomed into the largest and most successful Cheerleading group within Second Life. The beautiful, intelligent, spirited, professional, and fun loving girls are always ready to “Bring it On” for many events.

SLCS has an extensive outreach on the grid which includes Relay for Life. Their inspiration is to make a positive difference in SL and to help those that need it.  According to Team Co-Captain Kristina Curtau along with Co-Captain Valkyrie Twine, “We have members affected by cancer. We feel like it is our duty to help in anyway we can. Just that we love RLF and really appreciate the chance to help.”