My March 8th, 2015 Relay Moment

My very first Relay Moment was on Saturday March 12, 2011 at the kick off ceremony at this BOSL Stadium. I had just found Relay and had the good fortune to joined Harmony of Hope, as deer in the headlights volunteers, I mean completely oblivious to what I got into.

2011 RFL kickoff Celebrations1Well it didn’t take long for me to leap into the unknown, again, I mean within minutes of the first team meeting, when I ask how Harmony of Hope promote themselves on Social Media? Random who was the team captain, basically said they didn’t, but sounds like you will be our social media promoters and promptly volunteered me to the role, and I dove into it.

Next thing I know, I am now on the committee under Poppy Zabelin, in the co-chair of PR role and working with MamaP Beerbaum, Nikki Matherson, Dwen Dooley, Trader Whiplash and so many others wonderful people that first year.

I do remember how I felt, and what I first believed, about Relay For Life of Second Life’s potential could be, with the right pieces. I shared some of my insights and feelings in the end of season report Poppy and I wrote, that fall. I still have it. In it are suggestions to work with the ACS to get information on cancer progress and mission. Build of our Social Media presences, coordinate with all radio, streaming channels partners, photographers, machinimas creators and all news organizations all over Second Life. And that we need to push into the part of the grid that never heard of Relay For Life of Second Life and since For Life of Second Life is worldwide, we should focus on that too.

Since my time that first year, all my friends and mentor have matured on to other roles, on to other challenges, still spreading Relay, influencing new people, new teams, new ideas, as well all have because that is the nature of Second Life with server and view improvements. We embrace change. We fight through bugs, lag and keep coming. We are that unstoppable tide.

But today’s kick off was something special for me. One might say it a new entry on my Relay moments list. I was brought back full circle, just as one would lap a Relay track, back to that first Relay moment. Again I was moved by a similar euphoria from the crowd around me, over the words I was hearing. As cast an eye on the work everyone has done leading up for this seasons and the growth in promotions across so many media channels, Nikki recording the ceremony in video, Ishatar recording voice, media people and promotions everywhere, I just had to shared my silent giggle.

I truly believe, 2015 is going to be another record setting year, one that will make 2014 look like a warm up for the champion fight. The very heart of what I think that makes Relay For Life of Second Life, so flipping amazing, is that Second Life is essentially a social media network, on steroids. WE the users, are beautiful fanatical and passionate people, that chose to live in a world with no borders and able to create the unimaginable. How could we not succeed?

I would guess 3/4 or more, of the worldwide Second Life grid, still does not know about Relay For Life of Second Life. And I am also guessing that if every team made a sustained effort all season long, to reach out into that unknown grid and shouted our international message, I would NOT have to guess at what those results would look like.

In 2011 and I still do today, firmly believe Relay For Life of Second Life has the potential to have a million dollar season. My tears today, besides being wept for the wonderful words of people I admire, is that we will break half million dollars, in 2015.


Why I Relay InWorldz

Creating/recreating the “Why I Relay” piece is always a time of introspection and reflection. Traditionally, I post on Mother’s Day in memory of losing my Mom to cancer many moons ago. She, like many Moms, was my best friend…missing her was and still is my greatest loss.

This season I Relay for a colleague, BWR. Her loving husband and father of their two kids was diagnosed with leukemia 18 months ago.  BWR became the a caregiver and the bread winner for in one fell swoop.  I Relay to celebrate her spirit and the spirit of all who fight this fight.

Please take a moment and send your thoughts and prayers along.

RFL Many Worldz Logo

Relay for Life of InWorldz season kicks off InWorldz on Saturday, August 24 at 9AM InWorldz time. Additional information ~ by Design/115/62/22

Media inquiries ~ Wildstar Beaumont

If you would like to submit a “Why I Relay” piece for the blog, please contact me at

We Celebrate Life and We Fight For The Cure

It’s Time To Celebrate 100 Years of Hope !!!

The  Relay For Life In Second Life 2013

Kick Off Party

Saturday, March 9th   10am SLT

2013 RFL 100 Yrs Logo Square Alpha

All Team Captains and Team Members are invited to the 2013 Kick Off Party.

You have put your teams together, have been planning events, and getting yourself ready for this day!!!

Are you ready to start fund-raising and having fun?  So what better way to start this year than to attend the Kick Off celebration on March 9, 2013 at 10 am slt. Come join your 2013 RFL Committee to start our celebration.

NOT signed up yet?! You can still sign up your team to the Relay For Life 2013! Follow this URL to register a team if needed

As of Tuesday, March 5, 2013 we have 113 regular fund-raising teams with over 2000 different avatars listed on team rosters! That’s amazing and a reason to celebrate!!

Here are the SLurls for the kick off ceremony

RFL kickoff 1:

RFL kickoff 2:

RFL kickoff 3:

What does opening ceremonies comprise? Glad you asked! We have the official opening ceremony that kickoffs our season of Relay For Life of Second Life. We will have several guest speakers over the ceremony. Make sure you drop in and party with us.

Not only do we have the ceremony, we have entertainment for you throughout the day. We have several Dj’s who will be spinning some tunes for you to enjoy all afternoon.  We are very excited to have a dance troupe performance as well to help us kick off and celebrate this season.

If you cannot make it to the ceremony and events later in the day make sure you turn into T1Radio stream. Trader Whiplash will go on the air live 2 hours before the ceremony begins.

See you March 9, 2013!

Ashlynn Enoch

Special Events Chair 2013