Home and Garden – post event blog – June 8, 2013

Welcome back, Relay Family!  Today I have a couple of homes to show you that were offered at this years RFL Home and Garden Expo.

CIRCA had two nice skybox-type houses in their vendors, ones that I like to call “starter” homes.  They are simple one or two room structures which will fit on a small piece of property.

Blog Circa 3_001

My favorite was the French Persuation (sic), with it’s muted earth tones and garden area in front.  Patio furniture was also available, which I rezzed inside the house.

Blog Circa_001

Their other house, the Orbit, is a two-story white build with lots and lots of windows.

Dorian‘s home rezzed from a little birdhouse, which was a pretty build all by itself.  The one-story home has four rooms, which I decided were an entry way, living room, bedroom and combination kitchen/dining.  There was also a nice back deck area.

Blog Dorian_001Blog Dorian2_001

Blog Dorian3_001

The inside is done in a soft rose tone, and includes a cute fireplace, which was also their hunt gift.

Separately, a delightful swing was available from Dorian, with multiple couple and single sits.  I found mine easily….perfect for the tired blogger.  I may never leave this swing…..

Blog Dorian4_001

Sim 4 was sponsored by Stonewood Homes, so be sure and visit them often.  Tell they Relay sent you.



Home and Garden – post event blog – June 7, 2013

As promised, I am continuing to show readers some of the items that were available to us at the 2013 RFL Home and Garden Expo.  This is both to let you know what is out there and to ask you to support the fine merchants that participated with their donations and time.

Chiana Oh became a favorite of mine during the Expo and hunt.  The Long Pine picture is haunting, and was their hunt gift.  The colorful Futon set won Bain’s heart, and will be placed on our back patio.  It has both single and couple animations.  I crashed a few times, trying to sit, but  think I just forgot to empty my very full cache.



LaGalleria was already a favorite, and didn’t miss with their items this year.  I didn’t rez the house they had in the vendor, due to size, but it looks lovely.  ImageThe wicker hostess set comes in white or natural, and would look fantastic on any porch.  Bain and I love watching sunsets…imagine sipping ice tea from one of these lovely sets.


Akaesha Designs had some great cuddle spots with the REAct Hud, including a flower, tree swing and raft.  No matter your home, one would work.  Can’t wait to run by the store and see what else is available.


So, there you have it.  Check back soon and thank you for reading my posts.  🙂


Home and Garden Expo – May 31, 2013

By Panza Finch

And, here it is two days later.  Yesterday and today have been very busy RL and SL, but I wanted to get some more information out to you before the Home and Garden Expo closes.

The first is a drop top desk with chair from Park Place, who also sponsors Sim #3.  The chair has his and hers animations for both work and relaxing.



Park Place also has a set of shelves which look like a fire escape, and probably could be used as such for petites.  Potted plants are also provided in the package (say that three times fast).

Speaking of petites, check out the garden patio available from Meadow Works.


Meadow Works‘ items came in neat burlap bags, which I almost didn’t open because I liked them so much.  When I finally did, I found a lovely the lovely little garden below, with a ring of flowering plants around a dress model frame.


Looking at this, I felt inspired to do the same with my old tomato cages in real life, thinking how pretty they would look draped in ivy and surrounded by red salvia.  Meadow Works also offered a lovely garden stone with a bronze texture.

Cobblestone gave us a ladder shelf and *Sunshine* pictures, grouped in two arrangements of four pictures.  They almost sing out the words of “You are my Sunshine” and I had another moment of Louisiana pride, remembering that our former governor, Jimmy Davis, wrote those words for posterity.


It’s pretty obvious to me that I won’t be able to blog all the vendors prior to Expo closing, but I will continue to blog in support of these fine merchants that donated in support of Relay for Life.  Get to know them, go visit and buy from them in the future.  This is how we Relay!

Home and Garden Expo – May 29 2013

By Panza Eilde

Finally made it to Sim 2 at the Home and Garden Expo, sponsored by Chick Pea.  Found some very nice items in vendors at Second Spaces, Two Moon Gardens and BA.  All of these merchants were new to me.

Second Spaces had some cute indoor items.  In the photo below, I’m showing their Havana table, two of the low chests and a piece of honeycomb wall art.   They also had stools and bookshelves.  All of the items available from SS come in a variety of colors and options.  I kept looking at the table and thinking of cigars……


BA stands for Barnesworth Anubis, and included decor for the outdoors:  plants in beveled pots and a copyable walkway set.  Very nice texture work.

Blog 5-29-13_BA_001

Two Moon Gardens has two rezz-box outdoor settings.  Sitting in Violets is very sweet, and perfect for the smaller landscaping spot.  Butterflies are included, as well as a coffee cup and a pillow for fighting.  Don’t tell Bain…..

Blog 5-29-13_Two Moon Gardens -- Sitting in Violets_001

My picture can’t do justice to the size and scope of Cherry Blossom.  Trees, a pathway, hidden bench…all in one package.  The benches in both items from TMG have single and couple poses.

Blog 5-29-13_Two Moon Gardens -- Cherry Blossom setting_001

I’m headed back into the “field” to check out more goodies.  Have a blast with your own exploration.  See ya soon and GO RELAY!

Home and Garden Expo – May 28, 2013

By Panza Eilde

Back again,making it two days in a row that I was able to visit and blog about the Home and Garden Expo, raising funds for Relay for Life.  Yay for me keeping to my schedule.

Another great day at the Expo, beginning the morning/early afternoon listen to my son, DJ Al, doing his musical thing on the main stage.  Thanks to those that came out and support Al and his own team, Tiki.

I finished up checking out the items featured on Sim 1, the first being Black Tulip.  BT features building and training items.  I’m not a builder, but Bain was rather impressed by their tutorials and items in a box.  I liked what I rezzed, a patio table and chair.  The chair had a nice multi-set menu and the table provided some table setting/food options when touched.


Wet Cat also had some furniture items in their vendors…both for couples: A swing and a rocker.  I rezzed the rocker, which had both single and couple poses.  You can also change the color of the pillows.  Rocking or non-rocking mode is menu controlled.


Dysfunction Designs will probably show up in my garden and lake area on the homestead.  I checked out the three grapevine trellises they offered and the cattails in green and yellowed version.  Nice to be able to change out the lake scenery for the seasons.


ZWicked Textures is just what its name implies, textures, and they have two sets in their RFL vendors.  Plus, how can you not love a merchant who has fun with words….the textures are wicker.  ZWicked Wicker textures…..*grins*


And last, but definitely not least, was The Dark Fae.  This lovely merchant has some very kewl things offered in both regular and petite versions, including a haunted tree, a dragon chair and a — well — that will teach me to sit where I don’t belong……


We still have a lot more of H&G to explore, so have a blast and do so.  GO RELAY!

Home and Garden Expo – May 27, 2013

By Panza Finch

What a busy weekend!   I had really planned to blog again before this, but real life and two ADvocacy events on Sunday kept me from writing.   Carter Denja brought Bollywood to life and Holocluck “Doc” Henly took us riding in a Tardis for some truly grand entertainment.

Bollywood 5-26 3_001 Bollywood 5-26 1_001

Since my Memorial Day is kinda quiet, I’m back with more great stuff to show you from the H&G Expo!

Since Relay is a PG event, I decided to keep my clothes on and Bain at a distance while I tested these waters offered by Kabuki.  Kabuki is another of my hunt discoveries, and their poses/animations are grand.  I was so happy to see them participating at H&G and it is my joy to show you this kicking “sweet” bathtub available in their RFL vendor.  Oh, and the water was JUST the right temperature.H&G 5-27_Kabuki_001

Roawenwood is another favorite of mine.  Being a country enthusiast, RW’s rural and historical style always has something which catches my eye.  From gardens, to furniture, to weaponry and odds and ends, Roawenwood has a terrific section of items.  This year at the Expo they have plenty of items in their RFL vendors, including this great shade tree.  It has singles and couples poses perfect for your outdoor leisure and cuddle time.

H&G 5-27_Rowenwood_001

Bain and I both fell in love with this Japanese place setting when we checked out the demo at H&G.  You can remove the sushi plates and put your own favorite foods on the table, and it has an eating-with-chopsticks animation, among other pose options.

Blog 5-25-13_1_001

Other items offered at Roawenwood in RFL vendors include a grandfather clock, furniture set and a hangout for petites.

Pillows and Things has some great things available too.  Talk about country–I felt like I was visiting my grandmother’s house for Memorial Day.  Great pose options in these menu’s also, and I always enjoy listening to a Victrola.

H&G 5-27_Pillows and Things_001

Robin Sojourner Wood was new to me, but I was impressed when I rezzed her garden set and bird bath.  Nice colors and a friendly feel.  Loved the potting soil bag on the bottom shelf.  I felt ready to begin planting.

H&G 5-27_Robin Sojourner Wood_001

I’ll be heading back to H&G this evening, and maybe I’ll see you there.  Have a great time, be sure and purchase from our participants and GO RELAY!!

Home and Garden Blog – May 24, 2013

By Panza Finch

Home and Garden Expo is opening today!  Bain and I are very excited about this, because we have been re-landscaping our homestead, also know as Love Rose Ranch.
And, we are very proud to be among the bloggers for this event, and to thank all the shops which are participating and supporting our fight against cancer.

Not long ago, one special merchant sponsored the RFL in SL Half WayThere Fair…Pet Peddlers.  I picked up one of their celebration RFL plushies, which they are offering at the H&G show.

H&G Seahorse_001

Here is what PetPeddlers wrote about their product:

“Every year the expo highlights the latest Home and Breedables, and we at Pet Peddlers are so excited to showcase our breedable fish. Pet Peddler’s Breedable Fish with their fluid life like movements, amazing attention to detail and endless combinations of traits are a great addition to your home décor or to your breedable family. We have a wide range of fish including predators like Sharks, Orca Whales and Squids, we even have Sea Horses. Unlike the rest of our aquatic Dwellers Sea Horses can only mate with other Sea Horses making them a breedable within a breedable. If you would like to know more about Pet Peddler’s Fish please check out our main store at http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Lost%20Paradise/38/169/21 or contact Fisher Mode, Bluntz Windlow, krispy Southpaw or thespike Resident. On behalf of the entire Pet Peddler’s Fish community Thank You for letting us be a part of this year’s expo and we look forward to the coming weeks!

Pet Peddlers is offering 24 different Plushy Seahorses, all done in colors for different cancers. These can be found in groups spread out in the RFL vendors at both Pet Peddler Locations and also The Viana Corners Location.”

Next, I want to talk about a merchant that I discovered while doing hunts – Dreamscapes Art Gallery.  They have always been generous to their visitors and I have purchased some really nice, quality things from their store.

Dreamscapes specializes in garden items, artwork and furniture, usually done in soft, pastel colors.  Here are some examples of their work:

H&G Dreamscape divider and birdhouse_001

I am very fond of this pretty pink divider….lovely colors and perfect for a small whitewashed cottage setting.  Imagine the birdhouses outside.  Mmmmm.

H&G Dreamscape Furniture_001

This is so Dreamscape….a cute little table with a birdie etched on top.  I found myself thinking of pink lemonade on a warm spring day in the South.  The matching chair and daybed are also available.

The final store I’m featuring in this blog is new to me:  De Baza.  When I was looking through the participating merchants, I noticed this very nice Victorian set in dark purple, and wanted to share it with you:
H&G De Baza set_001

Lots of nice male and female sitting animations, and very pretty textures.  You would be ready to invite anyone into the parlor with this lovely set.

Okay, that’s it for this blog, but Bain and I hope to be showing you much more from H&G, so visit us often.  And, be sure and check out the vendors put out by the different teams….nice things available there too.

Happy Shopping and GO RELAY!!!!