Fantasy Faire 2013 Sneak Peek

2011 was my first year in Relay For Life of Second Life. I was in blown away with the Kick Off and I cried when the Fantasy Faire rolled around, partly because of the incredible beauty of the sims, partly because my computer did not have the resources to handle it. I push every pixel I could so that I could see the amazing creativeness these builders created for us.

In 2012, I had rebuilt this computer from scratch and so when the Fantasy Faire rolled around again, I was ready for it, as much as one can be ready for something like this. And again I was blown away and thought to myself, there is no way they will top this.

In 2013, I been proven wrong! I just spent four hours wandering about these sims and I am speechless.

They say a picture worth a 1,000 words. Well here is a few pictures as I do not possess the words for what I have just seen.

SneakPeak_034 SneakPeak_020 SneakPeak_016 SneakPeak_014 SneakPeak_009 SneakPeak_011