A Call to Arms

There are a tons of wonderful groups out there helping fight against cancer, one of which posted something that tickled me.

Stupid Cancer Manifestowww.facebook.com/stupidcancer

On November 15th, Stupid Cancer on Facebook posted this with the following caption “What do you believe? Should we even be using military terminology when it comes to facing disease?”

Stupid Cancerhttps://www.facebook.com/stupidcancer/photos/a.10150120311596306.300489.10900196305/10152817230801306/?type=1&theater

Yes I do believe we should be using military terminology when dealing cancer.

We have an army of Relay For Life people in 23 countries around the world, all organized into divisions and sub groups, each with their own lead ship, taking their lead from umbrella groups and leaders.

We have countless other groups and organizations in this battle, from Marrow Donor Programs, groups that target specific types of cancer or cancer groups, Cancer hospitals, education and awareness, and so much more, all with support coming in from areas.

Our fight covers all aspect of this fight, from R and D, curing the victims, support for them and their families at every stage of their battle or battles.

And we are working on defense with improved early detection and education of our enemy, and what you can do, to lessen you chance of encountering this foe.

Cancer doesn’t discriminate. It will hit anyone, any age, any race or demographics group, and will always have collateral damage, as cancer does hit one bird, it hits the whole flock.

And here we are, standing shoulder to shoulder, firm in our belief, we will be victorious in this war against our enemy.

So yes, they did not lose their battle, they are the honored casualties of this war. And like we remember our veterans of real wars, at every Remembrance or Armistice ceremony, we honor our cancer veterans, past and present, at every Relay event around the world.

In the finest tradition spoken by armies throughout history, I shout out “I don’t think cancer knows who he’s F%$*ing with!”