My Relay For Life

In life I am know as Ronald Trepanier and I am the puppet master of Bain Finch.

MeTwoI am 53 years young, but like the most of you, cancer has touch a great number of people I know and have known, thought out my life. When I found Relay For Life of Second Life and experienced my first kick off in 2011, over the course of that first hour, I knew, I had found something that I could be part of, to help make a difference.

Since that first hour, I have lived and breathed Relay, right here in virtual world, online with social media and in my real life, to the point I am an active member in 2 different Relay For Life organizations for the American Cancer Society and 1 for the Canadian Cancer Society were I live, because I know, it doesn’t matter how and were you relay, all goes to the same place. Relay was and still is a life changing event in my life.

I am not the same person I was not to long ago and I have watched that change in others. I Relay for so many reasons, I Relay to share the hope we all have, I Relay to stop the pain and anguish cancer causes to those we hold so dear, I Relay to promote Relay, to share the amazing work we all doing around the world and help grow our ranks.

But I mostly I Relay for that 1 in 3 persons that are still being told today,
“There Is Nothing More We Can Do.”




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