RFL of SL One Team Blog Spot

I’ve always knew the folks of Relay For Life of Second Life are unique in the global fight against cancer, but it wasn’t until I started volunteering for my home Relay For Life with the Canadian Cancer Society that this uniqueness became apparent.

In the 4 years I been doing social media work under the Relay For Life of Second Life banner, I’ve connected with 1,000’s of people’s avatars on Twitter, Facebook, blogs, Pinterest, Plurk, Flickr and many other main stream social media sites. I also followed every single Relay For Life group out there, from Australia, Japan, Europe, Canada and the States. I can say that there is no group of people that have embraced Social Media as the members of Second Life.

They created Facebook team pages, team twitter accounts and created blogs on top of their avatars sites. They like making noise, proud of their accomplishment and rightly so. In the 9 previous seasons, they have raised over 2 million dollars and what they are doing this years is nothing short of amazing.

To help these wonderful people reach out to the larger online world, last year I had the idea of creating a blog that just list all the blogs connected to Relay For Life of Second Life. It is a simple one page blog, listing the all the blogs I had found and grouped them into 3 distinct sections. The first bunch are the official blogs related to the Relay For Life of Second Life committee, second are all the team blogs followed by bloggers that support Relay For Life of Second Life in some fashion. Each section is sorted by the latest posting at the top of their sections, with a snippet of that latest post.

Last season in the first year this blog was up, it received over 1,200 visit. I can only assume these 1,200 visitors went on the read all the latest post since their last visit. I can only guess this 1,200 visits multiplied by all the blogs, generated a lot of extra traffic for everyone.

This year, I have added several more bloggers to the roll call and hope to inspire more teams to get blogging too. When it comes to Relay For Life, we are truly one team, standing shoulder to shoulder, each of us doing our little bit. We really are, collaborating for a cure.

OneTeamBlogPlease bookmark rflofsl1team.blogspot.com and visit it often to hear what our teams are doing and feel the heart felt stories about their “Why I Relay.”


My Relay For Life

In life I am know as Ronald Trepanier and I am the puppet master of Bain Finch.

MeTwoI am 53 years young, but like the most of you, cancer has touch a great number of people I know and have known, thought out my life. When I found Relay For Life of Second Life and experienced my first kick off in 2011, over the course of that first hour, I knew, I had found something that I could be part of, to help make a difference.

Since that first hour, I have lived and breathed Relay, right here in virtual world, online with social media and in my real life, to the point I am an active member in 2 different Relay For Life organizations for the American Cancer Society and 1 for the Canadian Cancer Society were I live, because I know, it doesn’t matter how and were you relay, all goes to the same place. Relay was and still is a life changing event in my life.

I am not the same person I was not to long ago and I have watched that change in others. I Relay for so many reasons, I Relay to share the hope we all have, I Relay to stop the pain and anguish cancer causes to those we hold so dear, I Relay to promote Relay, to share the amazing work we all doing around the world and help grow our ranks.

But I mostly I Relay for that 1 in 3 persons that are still being told today,
“There Is Nothing More We Can Do.”