One World, One Fight – Foundation Org

I would love to showcase one of the many amazing teams taking part in Relay For Life of Second Life, a team from Brazil called Foundation Organization for Life.

Foundation For Life_002

This is their second year participating in our Relay group and I have attended many of their events.  I do have to say, they bring a very unique flavor and style to their events.

Like all of us, they too have been touched by cancer, and like all of us, could not stand still.  They chose to fight alongside all of us.

Foundation For Life_003

Foundation Org is captained by Luna Portio (lunavonrandolf Kenin) and is a tightly knit group of friends.  Geez, do they know how to party!  They bring some of the best music to the fight which has you asking: who needs a vacation when you can TP to a Foundation event.  Absolutely wonderful.

For me, what is amazing about Foundation Org is the noise they make on Facebook and I strongly recommend you check their group out and given them a “Like” at this group link:

Foundation Org has also created a website, where they host a pile of info about the team, pictures of their events and even video.

Coming from Brazil, English is not their native language, so communications doesn’t come easy to them, in a group populated mostly by Americans, Canadians and Europeans. But like all of us in Relay, we stand tall to challenges.  Some of us are learning Portuguese, others use the tools at hand available in SL, in the way of translators. One of the ones I found is from Metanomics available on Marketplace for $20L and has come in very handy on more than one occasion during my time on the committee.

Foundation For Life_001

I urge you to stop by a Foundation Org event, fill their kiosks with your Linden Loving and support a very hard working and caring team of Relay fighters. What better way to demonstrate our understanding that we understand, cancer is a world fight.


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