Home and Garden – post event blog – June 8, 2013

Welcome back, Relay Family!  Today I have a couple of homes to show you that were offered at this years RFL Home and Garden Expo.

CIRCA had two nice skybox-type houses in their vendors, ones that I like to call “starter” homes.  They are simple one or two room structures which will fit on a small piece of property.

Blog Circa 3_001

My favorite was the French Persuation (sic), with it’s muted earth tones and garden area in front.  Patio furniture was also available, which I rezzed inside the house.

Blog Circa_001

Their other house, the Orbit, is a two-story white build with lots and lots of windows.

Dorian‘s home rezzed from a little birdhouse, which was a pretty build all by itself.  The one-story home has four rooms, which I decided were an entry way, living room, bedroom and combination kitchen/dining.  There was also a nice back deck area.

Blog Dorian_001Blog Dorian2_001

Blog Dorian3_001

The inside is done in a soft rose tone, and includes a cute fireplace, which was also their hunt gift.

Separately, a delightful swing was available from Dorian, with multiple couple and single sits.  I found mine easily….perfect for the tired blogger.  I may never leave this swing…..

Blog Dorian4_001

Sim 4 was sponsored by Stonewood Homes, so be sure and visit them often.  Tell they Relay sent you.



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