Home and Garden – post event blog – June 7, 2013

As promised, I am continuing to show readers some of the items that were available to us at the 2013 RFL Home and Garden Expo.  This is both to let you know what is out there and to ask you to support the fine merchants that participated with their donations and time.

Chiana Oh became a favorite of mine during the Expo and hunt.  The Long Pine picture is haunting, and was their hunt gift.  The colorful Futon set won Bain’s heart, and will be placed on our back patio.  It has both single and couple animations.  I crashed a few times, trying to sit, but  think I just forgot to empty my very full cache.



LaGalleria was already a favorite, and didn’t miss with their items this year.  I didn’t rez the house they had in the vendor, due to size, but it looks lovely.  ImageThe wicker hostess set comes in white or natural, and would look fantastic on any porch.  Bain and I love watching sunsets…imagine sipping ice tea from one of these lovely sets.


Akaesha Designs had some great cuddle spots with the REAct Hud, including a flower, tree swing and raft.  No matter your home, one would work.  Can’t wait to run by the store and see what else is available.


So, there you have it.  Check back soon and thank you for reading my posts.  🙂



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