Home and Garden Expo – May 31, 2013

By Panza Finch

And, here it is two days later.  Yesterday and today have been very busy RL and SL, but I wanted to get some more information out to you before the Home and Garden Expo closes.

The first is a drop top desk with chair from Park Place, who also sponsors Sim #3.  The chair has his and hers animations for both work and relaxing.



Park Place also has a set of shelves which look like a fire escape, and probably could be used as such for petites.  Potted plants are also provided in the package (say that three times fast).

Speaking of petites, check out the garden patio available from Meadow Works.


Meadow Works‘ items came in neat burlap bags, which I almost didn’t open because I liked them so much.  When I finally did, I found a lovely the lovely little garden below, with a ring of flowering plants around a dress model frame.


Looking at this, I felt inspired to do the same with my old tomato cages in real life, thinking how pretty they would look draped in ivy and surrounded by red salvia.  Meadow Works also offered a lovely garden stone with a bronze texture.

Cobblestone gave us a ladder shelf and *Sunshine* pictures, grouped in two arrangements of four pictures.  They almost sing out the words of “You are my Sunshine” and I had another moment of Louisiana pride, remembering that our former governor, Jimmy Davis, wrote those words for posterity.


It’s pretty obvious to me that I won’t be able to blog all the vendors prior to Expo closing, but I will continue to blog in support of these fine merchants that donated in support of Relay for Life.  Get to know them, go visit and buy from them in the future.  This is how we Relay!


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