Home and Garden Expo – May 29 2013

By Panza Eilde

Finally made it to Sim 2 at the Home and Garden Expo, sponsored by Chick Pea.  Found some very nice items in vendors at Second Spaces, Two Moon Gardens and BA.  All of these merchants were new to me.

Second Spaces had some cute indoor items.  In the photo below, I’m showing their Havana table, two of the low chests and a piece of honeycomb wall art.   They also had stools and bookshelves.  All of the items available from SS come in a variety of colors and options.  I kept looking at the table and thinking of cigars……


BA stands for Barnesworth Anubis, and included decor for the outdoors:  plants in beveled pots and a copyable walkway set.  Very nice texture work.

Blog 5-29-13_BA_001

Two Moon Gardens has two rezz-box outdoor settings.  Sitting in Violets is very sweet, and perfect for the smaller landscaping spot.  Butterflies are included, as well as a coffee cup and a pillow for fighting.  Don’t tell Bain…..

Blog 5-29-13_Two Moon Gardens -- Sitting in Violets_001

My picture can’t do justice to the size and scope of Cherry Blossom.  Trees, a pathway, hidden bench…all in one package.  The benches in both items from TMG have single and couple poses.

Blog 5-29-13_Two Moon Gardens -- Cherry Blossom setting_001

I’m headed back into the “field” to check out more goodies.  Have a blast with your own exploration.  See ya soon and GO RELAY!


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