Home and Garden Expo – May 28, 2013

By Panza Eilde

Back again,making it two days in a row that I was able to visit and blog about the Home and Garden Expo, raising funds for Relay for Life.  Yay for me keeping to my schedule.

Another great day at the Expo, beginning the morning/early afternoon listen to my son, DJ Al, doing his musical thing on the main stage.  Thanks to those that came out and support Al and his own team, Tiki.

I finished up checking out the items featured on Sim 1, the first being Black Tulip.  BT features building and training items.  I’m not a builder, but Bain was rather impressed by their tutorials and items in a box.  I liked what I rezzed, a patio table and chair.  The chair had a nice multi-set menu and the table provided some table setting/food options when touched.


Wet Cat also had some furniture items in their vendors…both for couples: A swing and a rocker.  I rezzed the rocker, which had both single and couple poses.  You can also change the color of the pillows.  Rocking or non-rocking mode is menu controlled.


Dysfunction Designs will probably show up in my garden and lake area on the homestead.  I checked out the three grapevine trellises they offered and the cattails in green and yellowed version.  Nice to be able to change out the lake scenery for the seasons.


ZWicked Textures is just what its name implies, textures, and they have two sets in their RFL vendors.  Plus, how can you not love a merchant who has fun with words….the textures are wicker.  ZWicked Wicker textures…..*grins*


And last, but definitely not least, was The Dark Fae.  This lovely merchant has some very kewl things offered in both regular and petite versions, including a haunted tree, a dragon chair and a — well — that will teach me to sit where I don’t belong……


We still have a lot more of H&G to explore, so have a blast and do so.  GO RELAY!


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