Home and Garden Expo – May 27, 2013

By Panza Finch

What a busy weekend!   I had really planned to blog again before this, but real life and two ADvocacy events on Sunday kept me from writing.   Carter Denja brought Bollywood to life and Holocluck “Doc” Henly took us riding in a Tardis for some truly grand entertainment.

Bollywood 5-26 3_001 Bollywood 5-26 1_001

Since my Memorial Day is kinda quiet, I’m back with more great stuff to show you from the H&G Expo!

Since Relay is a PG event, I decided to keep my clothes on and Bain at a distance while I tested these waters offered by Kabuki.  Kabuki is another of my hunt discoveries, and their poses/animations are grand.  I was so happy to see them participating at H&G and it is my joy to show you this kicking “sweet” bathtub available in their RFL vendor.  Oh, and the water was JUST the right temperature.H&G 5-27_Kabuki_001

Roawenwood is another favorite of mine.  Being a country enthusiast, RW’s rural and historical style always has something which catches my eye.  From gardens, to furniture, to weaponry and odds and ends, Roawenwood has a terrific section of items.  This year at the Expo they have plenty of items in their RFL vendors, including this great shade tree.  It has singles and couples poses perfect for your outdoor leisure and cuddle time.

H&G 5-27_Rowenwood_001

Bain and I both fell in love with this Japanese place setting when we checked out the demo at H&G.  You can remove the sushi plates and put your own favorite foods on the table, and it has an eating-with-chopsticks animation, among other pose options.

Blog 5-25-13_1_001

Other items offered at Roawenwood in RFL vendors include a grandfather clock, furniture set and a hangout for petites.

Pillows and Things has some great things available too.  Talk about country–I felt like I was visiting my grandmother’s house for Memorial Day.  Great pose options in these menu’s also, and I always enjoy listening to a Victrola.

H&G 5-27_Pillows and Things_001

Robin Sojourner Wood was new to me, but I was impressed when I rezzed her garden set and bird bath.  Nice colors and a friendly feel.  Loved the potting soil bag on the bottom shelf.  I felt ready to begin planting.

H&G 5-27_Robin Sojourner Wood_001

I’ll be heading back to H&G this evening, and maybe I’ll see you there.  Have a great time, be sure and purchase from our participants and GO RELAY!!


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