Home and Garden Blog – May 24, 2013

By Panza Finch

Home and Garden Expo is opening today!  Bain and I are very excited about this, because we have been re-landscaping our homestead, also know as Love Rose Ranch.
And, we are very proud to be among the bloggers for this event, and to thank all the shops which are participating and supporting our fight against cancer.

Not long ago, one special merchant sponsored the RFL in SL Half WayThere Fair…Pet Peddlers.  I picked up one of their celebration RFL plushies, which they are offering at the H&G show.

H&G Seahorse_001

Here is what PetPeddlers wrote about their product:

“Every year the expo highlights the latest Home and Breedables, and we at Pet Peddlers are so excited to showcase our breedable fish. Pet Peddler’s Breedable Fish with their fluid life like movements, amazing attention to detail and endless combinations of traits are a great addition to your home décor or to your breedable family. We have a wide range of fish including predators like Sharks, Orca Whales and Squids, we even have Sea Horses. Unlike the rest of our aquatic Dwellers Sea Horses can only mate with other Sea Horses making them a breedable within a breedable. If you would like to know more about Pet Peddler’s Fish please check out our main store at http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Lost%20Paradise/38/169/21 or contact Fisher Mode, Bluntz Windlow, krispy Southpaw or thespike Resident. On behalf of the entire Pet Peddler’s Fish community Thank You for letting us be a part of this year’s expo and we look forward to the coming weeks!

Pet Peddlers is offering 24 different Plushy Seahorses, all done in colors for different cancers. These can be found in groups spread out in the RFL vendors at both Pet Peddler Locations and also The Viana Corners Location.”

Next, I want to talk about a merchant that I discovered while doing hunts – Dreamscapes Art Gallery.  They have always been generous to their visitors and I have purchased some really nice, quality things from their store.

Dreamscapes specializes in garden items, artwork and furniture, usually done in soft, pastel colors.  Here are some examples of their work:

H&G Dreamscape divider and birdhouse_001

I am very fond of this pretty pink divider….lovely colors and perfect for a small whitewashed cottage setting.  Imagine the birdhouses outside.  Mmmmm.

H&G Dreamscape Furniture_001

This is so Dreamscape….a cute little table with a birdie etched on top.  I found myself thinking of pink lemonade on a warm spring day in the South.  The matching chair and daybed are also available.

The final store I’m featuring in this blog is new to me:  De Baza.  When I was looking through the participating merchants, I noticed this very nice Victorian set in dark purple, and wanted to share it with you:
H&G De Baza set_001

Lots of nice male and female sitting animations, and very pretty textures.  You would be ready to invite anyone into the parlor with this lovely set.

Okay, that’s it for this blog, but Bain and I hope to be showing you much more from H&G, so visit us often.  And, be sure and check out the vendors put out by the different teams….nice things available there too.

Happy Shopping and GO RELAY!!!!


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