“Why I Relay” by Dawn Dreamscape

I have been a nurse since 1976. I remember the horrors of cancer therapy, outrageous, hideous, disfiguring surgery, chemotherapy that was almost as bad as the symptoms, radiation that left your very skin crawling. Watching as a young person, although a care-giver, I too felt at that time, a cancer diagnosis was a death sentence. I was afraid, and afraid to admit it. Each year I watched, people in pain, debilitated, left alone, sick, and disfigured die. They died as we sat holding their hands, comforting their loved ones. As therapy improved, and care turned to relief of a person’s symptoms,

I found my heart grow in compassion. I realized that no one had to suffer, no one had to be alone. Due to the efforts of the American Cancer Society, and Relay For Life, I see families supported and comforted, I am astonished in the research and treatment options now available, I now watch people return home when they receive therapy and treatment. Surgery is reconstruction rather than disfiguring. Even when a person goes beyond that help, they do not die in pain, and agony, the compassion of quality of life and peace in death has become the standard.

Passion, Determination, Fortitude

These are the words that come to my mind about Relay For Life in Second Life. I dedicate this effort of love to the women of the Tarrantino family, who all died of breast cancer, to my Grandfather George who died of throat cancer, to my Father, Keith who died of lung cancer that spread to brain cancer, and to my mother-in-law, Jean who died of lung cancer, and the endless list of friends who battle every single day to rid this world of cancer.

I Relay for HOPE. The HOPE that One Day We will beat cancer!! One linden will not win this battle, but together, mine and yours and theirs will!

Relayer since 1983
Quest for a Cure Member since 2008
RFL of SL Mentor 2012,
RFL of SL Coach Lead 2013

dad and the girls

Dad and the Girls


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