UnMasking A Cure

Friday Night at KIngdom of Tuatha de Sidh

Mary Teodosio is the Captain and Jean Munro is the Co-Captain
for Team UnMasking a Cure. The culminating event for Relay Season will be a Masked Ball.

On Friday, April 19, the team held a music event and brought some of Second Life’s best live performers  Every hour musicians and singers shared their talent for the cause. Performers included Bono Fouroux, Jean Munro, Rock Doghouse, DennyMac, Shannon Oherlihy and Bubba C  John.

Mary says, “I’ve been asked Why do you Relay?  I Relay because I have had family and friends lost to cancer.  Some tragically, others after they lived a long, full life. Mostly, I Relay because I believe that without hope, without a goal people cannot face adversity with grace and strength.  That is what the ACS gives to patients, caregivers and survivors.  They give hope.”
Co Captain Jean Munro has a close family member who is fighting the fight right now for the fourth time. “We need a cure today,” says Jean.

Mary says, It’s very true that everyone knows someone.”

Thank you to UnMasking a Cure for being strong and for fighting the fight to find a cure.


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