Another Weekend Fun

Another crazy weekend around Relay For Life.

Friday had us over at AXtion 3 for a most excellent live concert by Lightning Strikes with their tribute performance of The Bangles and the place was hopping. Besides their Friday night parties, AXtion 3 has live events booked every Saturday, Mondays and Wednesdays. So hit them up for a group invite to catch them, when they pay tribute to your favorite band.



Saturday and Sunday was a Country Music Fest Teams R Us event with nonstop music and fun on two sims. RFL ADvocacy had a stall complete with a Beam Bag Toss game, some wonderful cakes made by the amazing Cherish, a roaring fire to warm up by and lots of coffee to keep everyone going.


Holocluck Henly held a 7 Seas fishing derby and had a great turn out, wish I could have caught it. Once I catch up with him, I’ll get some pictures hopefully. Hugs thanks Doc!

Country Music Jam, RFL TRU 2 (53, 219, 22) - Moderat

The highlight for me, was watching and listening to my dear friend Aryon Dagger do a set on Saturday night.


The unfortunate part for me is that this was Easter weekend and was busy with family dinner on both days. Saturday I drove my folks to my brother place for the day and Sunday to my sisters for dinner. So I only managed to catch about 3 hours of the Country Music Fest.

And poor Panza weekend was a bit frustrating when on Saturday a storm blew though her area and knocked out the power for the remaining of the day and on Sunday when she lost her internet.

Guess that life in the virtual world for ya.


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