Trance for Life

Snapshot  3 TRANCE _ THE MAGIC OF TRANCE CLUB, Downunder (182, 5

Another awesome event by Team Shadow and the Wonderful people at Magic of Trance providing 12 hours of healing sound.

12 awesome DJ’s spun trance inducing melodies and intensely joyful sounds in the pursuit of a Cure on Sunday April 28.

Trance for Life and win this fight!


Team RFL Brussels

Team RFL Brussels held a DJ event featuring oldies of the 50’s, 60’s 70’s and 80’s on Monday April 22.  DJ’s SWA and Venetai were rocking the beautiful European themed Brussels Grand Place at the La Baule sim.

Passie is the team Captain with Co-Captian  Venetai.

La Baule

Burnout is Real

The one warning we get from the higher ups, is to be mindful of the burnout factor that come with Relay For Life of Second Life and rightfully so.

This Relay, is unlike anything I have come across, and I’ve had a long career working on what some people call mega projects, project that would last 9 or so months, with insane amounts of work to be done, with tight deadlines.

The biggest thing I came away from that experience, is that one needs to pace oneself for the long haul. There is only so much one can do.


Photo courtesy of Kevin Botto “faceymcface1’s” Flick’r Photostream

Burnout is defined on the site as “a state of emotional, mental, and physical exhaustion, caused by excessive and prolonged stress. It occurs when you feel overwhelmed and unable to meet constant demands. As the stress continues, you begin to lose the interest or motivation that led you to take on a certain role in the first place. Burnout may be the result of unrelenting stress, but it isn’t the same as too much stress. Stress, by and large, involves too much: too many pressures that demand too much of you physically and psychologically. Stressed people can still imagine, though, that if they can just get everything under control, they’ll feel better. Burnout, on the other hand, is about not enough. Being burned out means feeling empty, devoid of motivation, and beyond caring. People experiencing burnout often don’t see any hope of positive change in their situations. If excessive stress is like drowning in responsibilities, burnout is being all dried up. One other difference between stress and burnout: While you’re usually aware of being under a lot of stress, you don’t always notice burnout when it happens.

Physical signs and symptoms of burnout
~ Feeling tired and drained most of the time
~ Lowered immunity, feeling sick a lot
~ Frequent headaches, back pain, muscle aches
~ Change in appetite or sleep habits

Emotional signs and symptoms of burnout
~ Sense of failure and self-doubt
~ Feeling helpless, trapped, and defeated
~ Detachment, feeling alone in the world
~ Loss of motivation
~ Increasingly cynical and negative outlook
~ Decreased satisfaction and sense of accomplishment

Behavioral signs and symptoms of burnout
~ Withdrawing from responsibilities
~ Isolating yourself from others
~ Procrastinating, taking longer to get things done
~ Using food, drugs, or alcohol to cope
~ Taking out your frustrations on others
~ Skipping work or coming in late and leaving early

So in a place like Second Life and more specifically Relay For Life of Second Life, were the season runs 24 hours a day, for 4 months straight, burn out is a big factor, and we all need to be aware of this fact.  suggestion for burnout prevention tips are

~ Start the day with a relaxing ritual. Rather than jumping out of bed as soon as you wake up, spend at least fifteen minutes meditating, writing in your journal, doing gentle stretches, or reading something that inspires you.
~ Adopt healthy eating, exercising, and sleeping habits. When you eat right, engage in regular physical activity, and get plenty of rest, you have the energy and resilience to deal with life’s hassles and demands.
~ Set boundaries. Don’t overextend yourself. Learn how to say “no” to requests on your time. If you find this difficult, remind yourself that saying “no” allows you to say “yes” to the things that you truly want to do.
~ Take a daily break from technology. Set a time each day when you completely disconnect. Put away your laptop, turn off your phone, and stop checking email.
~ Nourish your creative side. Creativity is a powerful antidote to burnout. Try something new, start a fun project, or resume a favorite hobby. Choose activities that have nothing to do with work.
~ Learn how to manage stress. When you’re on the road to burnout, you may feel helpless. But you have a lot more control over stress than you may think.

Make sure the people around you are not overwhelmed with what they are doing.   Take a break and just get out there and have fun.

If you are feeling burnt out, please ask for help, take a break and get real for a while.  We are in this together, and together we need to look after each other.

UnMasking A Cure

Friday Night at KIngdom of Tuatha de Sidh

Mary Teodosio is the Captain and Jean Munro is the Co-Captain
for Team UnMasking a Cure. The culminating event for Relay Season will be a Masked Ball.

On Friday, April 19, the team held a music event and brought some of Second Life’s best live performers  Every hour musicians and singers shared their talent for the cause. Performers included Bono Fouroux, Jean Munro, Rock Doghouse, DennyMac, Shannon Oherlihy and Bubba C  John.

Mary says, “I’ve been asked Why do you Relay?  I Relay because I have had family and friends lost to cancer.  Some tragically, others after they lived a long, full life. Mostly, I Relay because I believe that without hope, without a goal people cannot face adversity with grace and strength.  That is what the ACS gives to patients, caregivers and survivors.  They give hope.”
Co Captain Jean Munro has a close family member who is fighting the fight right now for the fourth time. “We need a cure today,” says Jean.

Mary says, It’s very true that everyone knows someone.”

Thank you to UnMasking a Cure for being strong and for fighting the fight to find a cure.

Biker Blessing

SL RFL _Biker Beach Bash_ Hosted by NFMC KOS Squad A

Team NFMC KOS or the Notorious Few Motorcycle Club is led by Captian Cherokee Rose. On Sunday, April 21 they held the First Annual Blessing of the Bikes as a part of their Biker Beach Bash. Cherokee Rose wanted to do something that had never been done before in SL and plans to make the bike blessing an annual event.

The total so far was over 200,000 Lindens and the Team hopes to reach 300K by the end of the weekend.

Captain Cherokee Rose has many family members affected by cancer. In fact she has a grandmother in her 90s who is a 50-year survivor. Roxy Northman  says, “We put together the group earlier this year and started planning the event. With the help of many supporters, we were able to get the sim and throw this whole thing.” A highlight is Memorial hall with real life photos of family members.

Dr. Grey Skytower gave the blessing  to the assembled bikes and concluded, “May you meet encounter the risen Lord in your travels, in the freedom of the open road.

Fantasy Faire 2013 Sneak Peek

2011 was my first year in Relay For Life of Second Life. I was in blown away with the Kick Off and I cried when the Fantasy Faire rolled around, partly because of the incredible beauty of the sims, partly because my computer did not have the resources to handle it. I push every pixel I could so that I could see the amazing creativeness these builders created for us.

In 2012, I had rebuilt this computer from scratch and so when the Fantasy Faire rolled around again, I was ready for it, as much as one can be ready for something like this. And again I was blown away and thought to myself, there is no way they will top this.

In 2013, I been proven wrong! I just spent four hours wandering about these sims and I am speechless.

They say a picture worth a 1,000 words. Well here is a few pictures as I do not possess the words for what I have just seen.

SneakPeak_034 SneakPeak_020 SneakPeak_016 SneakPeak_014 SneakPeak_009 SneakPeak_011

Fantasy Faire 2013

* * Fantasy Faire 2013, April 20 – 28th * *
A Benefit for the American Cancer Society

8592524591_6599ba7f0a_kCelebrating its fifth year, Fantasy Faire 2013 is the largest gathering of fantasy designers, enthusiasts, roleplayers and performers in the virtual world. From Saturday April 20 to Sunday April 28, treat yourself to nine days of shopping, live music concerts, auctions, hunts and roleplaying as thousands of Second Life residents and creators come together to support the American Cancer Society’s vision of a world without cancer.

Avatars, clothing, furnishings, gadgets, goodies and exclusive items are available from more than 130 of SL’s top Fantasy Creators, spread across ten stunning sims designed by some of the visionary artists behind many of the hottest spots on the SL destination guide.

The Fantasy Faire 2013 is made possible by the generous support of our Sim and Event Sponsors: æros avatar, The Arcanum, Cerridwen’s Cauldron, Dark Goddess Designs, Dwarfins, Epic Toy Factory, Fallen Gods Inc., Fanavatar & Moonstruck, FATEWear, F_cking Ninjas, The Looking Glass,  L’Uomo, Roawenwood, –= Solarium =–, Spyralle,  T R I D E N T.

Fantasy Faire 2013 will be open to the public April 20 -28 and accessible from the American Cancer Society sim. We welcome you to come and join the story.

For more information please contact:

Elizabeth Tinsley or Zander Greene in SL
or email us at

Are you or a loved one battling cancer?  Find out how many ways the American Cancer Society is there to help.  Visit or call (US) 800-ACS-2345.

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RFL in SL: