Second Life Cheerleading Squad at The County Music Jam

Snapshot _ Country Music Jam...Together...we can finish this fi

The Second Life Cheerleading Squad is a virtual cheerleading team dedicated to bringing Spirit and Fun to the residents of Second Life.

Started in 2007 by Christi Charron, the SLCS has blossomed into the largest and most successful Cheerleading group within Second Life. The beautiful, intelligent, spirited, professional, and fun loving girls are always ready to “Bring it On” for many events.

SLCS has an extensive outreach on the grid which includes Relay for Life. Their inspiration is to make a positive difference in SL and to help those that need it.  According to Team Co-Captain Kristina Curtau along with Co-Captain Valkyrie Twine, “We have members affected by cancer. We feel like it is our duty to help in anyway we can. Just that we love RLF and really appreciate the chance to help.”


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