The Bangles by Lightning Strikes

Do we have a party for you tonight, or do we have a party?

This Friday Evening, from 8-9pm SLT, AXtion 3 and RFL ADvocacy is presenting for your entertainment pleasure

*** The Bangles by Lightning Strikes ***


AXtion 3 and RFL ADvocacy have teamed up to bring you a concert series this Relay Season, every Friday night, from many amazing bands of Second Life, some you many know and seen already, others you may not have seen, but I know, you will enjoy, just as much.

Everyone at AXtion 3 are super excited and motivated to become much more involved with RFL of SL, for personal reasons, much like the reasons we all have, because cancer has touched people they love, people they care deeply for, and also wish to do their part, to stop this. So AXtion 3 going to add their voice and make some NOISE, and NOISE is something they know how to make, with their instruments and songs.

So please stop by to welcome them to the family.


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