7Seas Fishing Contests

This Saturday Holocluck Henly and the RFL ADvocacy team will be hosting two 55-minute 7Seas Fishing Contests at Relay For Life Country Music Jam.


7seas RFL event 4170

For best results have your rod and bait ready.  Come anytime from 8:45am SLT onward

1. Promptly at 9am SLT will be a 55 Minute baited & unlimited fishing contest for seasoned players (and anyone new who’d like to take the plunge).   A pro rod and bait are encouraged for this contest for a chance to win.

2. Starting at 10am SLT will be a 55 min Limited contest which will *not* require bait. This will be ideal for newcomers to the 7Seas Fishing Game. Casual & unbaited pro rods may be used for this contest.

In addition to 7Seas’ salvage & creatures, from 8:45am till 11am SLT there will also be custom catches by Holocluck Henly.

For both contests the top 5 winners on the board will receive custom trophies!

** IMPORTANT ** Playing the 7Seas Fishing Game may require a fishing rod and bait.
RFL Advocacy does not believe in linking to our own vendors to profit from this event. If you would like to play, please visit 7Seas Headquarters to purchase your rod and bait before coming to the contest.

Also please visit their website at http://www.7SeasFishing.com for info on rods & catches.

RFL ADvocacy is going to give away 10 Bulk Bait Buckets!!! (Bulk = 600 casts)
LIKE the “Relay For Life of Second Life” Facebook Page and look for Holocluck Henly’s post that morning with instructions. http://www.facebook.com/rflofsl



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