2013 Why I Relay ~ Bain Finch

It’s time of year again, it’s Relay Season!

One thing I pushed while my time on the RFL of SL Committee, was the making of “Why I Relay” testimonials for the RFL of SL Update blog, and audio recordings for use by the DJ’s of relay.

I have written and recorded several over time, long ones, short ones, some as short as a single line of text: “You just need to look in the eye of someone fighting cancer, you will see my Why I Relay looking back at you.

Now with the 2013 season, I am compelled to do another.

Bain FinchI have truly have lost count of how many people I know, that have been touched by the icy and indiscriminate finger of cancer. I’ve lost family members, I’ve lost dear friends. BUT, with the hard work and tireless effort of Relay people around the world, together we are marching toward better treatment options, we are marching towards higher survivor rates, and we are creating a heck of a lot more birthdays, every single day, with every lap we walk. I am Bain Finch, cancer caregiver, and to be completely honest with you, I relay to find the cure, before that icy and indiscriminate finger of cancer, touches me.

If you are inspired to share your “Why I Relay”, give me a shout and I can help you record one with the tools on your computer.

Bain Finch


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