For Trader

This as my first year captain, I can only hope my team will be going strong in six years, like Trader’s Bid Me Bald, but its back in its SIXTH Year!

Wall“Bid Me Bald – The Relay Rockers Signature Fundraising event in support of the American Cancer Society’s Relay For Life of Second Life, returns for a 6th year!   The event, which pairs Relay Volunteers with a Barber Chair and a Pair of Scissors, has been a mainstay event for the Rockers since 2007 and has been used by other teams across Relay For Life of Second Life.” ~ Trader Whiplash

Trader is someone I admire, and in part, what is a bit at the heart, of what Team ADvocacy is about. Trader is all about mission statement and message. And he’s done everything he could do, to get that message out, with the Rockers, T1Radio, working at every level of Relay, for the committee at the ‘big events’ to help Team R Us, or teaming up with other teams, offering his services, or the backup stream. I have been the recipient of these services on several occasions, and for a few of those times, I am so grateful, beyond words. ::winks happily:: RFL Advocacy is here to make noise too.

So a sixth year of honoring and respecting, those for whom the choice was made, not by themselves, but by Chemo and other cancer treatments with Bid Me Bald of the Relay Rockers, rock on!

This is how it works. Bidding started today, March 20th, and for each $L5000 donated during the next week Trader will go day without hair.

Snapshot _ T1Radio's LEGENDS Classic Rock Club (Established 200

On Behalf of the Relay Rockers

–  Nuala Maracas, Capt.

–  Trader Whiplash, Capt

–  Ariel Goldrozen, Co-Capt

–  Arizona Ballinger, Co-Capt

For More Information or to become a Bid Me Bald participant contact Melodie Jigsaw,  Bid Me Bald Coordinator


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