Just your average weekend Around Relay,…

This is just from my weekends log of my travels, when I remembered to take pictures going around Relay.

Friday night’s plan was to relax and do what I love doing, “Event Hopping.” Quick check of the event page finds the Cure Chasers hosting their first one of the season  were I find Amanda, the team captain from RFL Moonstar Mavericks sporting a lovely new coat, for their Team’s visit of Skinky.
The Foundation For Life team was getting primitive, with their Stone Age party, wish I had pictures from that. I do love Foundation, they do bring a wondrful South American flair to all they do. Bravo! Later that evening Panza and I find Team Fox Star hosting a Pirate themed part. Having never seen this team before, we make our introductions and do what Relay people do, chat them up, get busy in groups and friend list calling people out to share our support to what they are doing for Relay. Was a very delightful evening of music and laughter.
Saturday was a blur of quick drop rez ins to SL, to deal with this and that. We did stop at one point and visited the Gor festival, for a wonderful brake from a busy day, working 3 different projects streams, of College, Work Placement and shot of double Relay.
GorSat night was again a bit of relay “event hopping,” mixed with long smooches while multitasking, preparing for our Sunday’s first stop, on the ADvocacy Road Show. This first stop was at the club area of a semi private residential sim owned by Cherish Darkstone Capalini, and dear friend of Panza.

Scott Criss offered to to cover this week’s event for us. Scott Criss is on air at T1Radio on Fridays from 7-9pm SLT and taking part is The Rockers Top DJ Competition. Thanks to everyone at Savage, Scott and everyone stopping by, helped kick $8,000L in the kitty!

The rest of sunday was more event hopping. Here at SL MUSIC RACES FOR A CURE MUSIC FEST before listening in to this week T1Radio show and late stopping in for their Skunk Aid. Both Mavericks and the Rockers working to de-skunk themselves.

MFest-SkunkAidAlong the way, little whispers and waves from friends all over Relay. And a new partnership was formed, and something very exciting, is on the horizon for ADvocacy, but you have to wait until next week to find out more,… SO very cool, should be fun.

Let make some NOISE!

~ Bain


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