RFL ADvocacy Kickoff Event

RFL ADvocacy Kickoff Event – by Panza Finch
Event # 4067

I’m so excited to be on a team for the first time this year, especially the RFL ADvocacy Team. We are one of the new teams joining with others to fund raise for the American Cancer Society from now until July, 2013. In July, we’ll all be walking the track with survivors, caregivers and volunteers from all over the grid.

RFL Advocacy doesn’t have a central location or “home base” to hold events. So, we plan to host Road Shows at various locations that we frequent and whose owners support our efforts to fund raise.

Our first event is scheduled for Sunday, March 17, 2013 at noon slt. The location for this celebration is very special for me, as it is the club owned by my chosen sister in both RL and SL, Cherish Darkstone Capellini.


Cher is one of the most special people I’ve met in my life, and I’m so glad she let’s me claim her as a sister. She took care of me during my own medical crisis and continues to nurture others who come into her life. She’s listened to me for years talking about RFL in SL, and this year joined a team for the first time along with her SL husband, Heath. I’m delighted she chose the ADvocacy team.

In her own words, here is a bit about Cher, her club and why she relays:


Heya! Cherish Darkstone here.

032013RFLCherish1_001Why am I involved in RFL? It’s simple. Too many of my family members, including myself, have been struck by this horrible disease. “The only way we can cure it, is to be a part of making it go away.”

My cancer battles began the year I discovered my mother had cancer in 1999. I had just started a new job, and one month later we got the news. They said my mom only had 3 to 6 months to live and she battled for 11 months. Shortly after my mom was diagnosed, my aunt was diagnosed. She fought for 3 years. Then another aunt. She fought for 5 years. Then in 2008, I was diagnosed with skin cancer. This March is my five year miracle. Now, my father. The past 2 years he continues to get spots of skin cancer.

My first RFL event was 3 years ago with my sister Panza. The walk was amazing. Since then I have always have a kiosk out at my club.

I originally came to SL to escape RL;for a few moments of distraction. What I discovered was a world where anything was possible. Peoples’ creations amazed me. And the music, ah the music. I had not been listening to music for several years. To be honest, after my mom was diagnosed, it all just sounded like noise. There was no joy anymore. SL brought music back to me.

Savage Dance Club was originally owned by Tigo and opened it’s doors in May, 2007. I walked into the club sometime around the end of October, 2007. Savage was one of the first clubs I visited when coming to Second Life. I fell in love with this club. A place I could play, listen to music, act crazy and it was all okay. I would tp over to the club at times when they weren’t open and donate, then giggle and leave. Tigo later yelling at me…lol.

Tigo approached me on November 14, 2008 asking if I wanted to own the club. What? My favorite club…and they are asking if I wanted to own it!! So after being in SL for only a year, I became a club owner.

I haven’t been on SL much the past year, as I’m now helping to take care of my father in law who has Alzheimer’s. But, when we get a chance to have an event, the music is good and the company is wonderful. If you get a chance to come by, do so. Join the club and enjoy the sim. We have a Boat Dock where you can rez a boat, jump in and explore. We also have a good ole Swamp House where you can get your cuddles on. We also have a few rentals available if you like living in the swamp.

I also dabble in making cakes, which I’ll be donating to the Cake Walk on March 30 31st (ADvocacy’s Teams are Us booth). Check out marketplace for some of my creations.

Cheers to RLF! Cheers to 100 Years of Hope!
Peace and Love, Cherish


We are lucky to have DJ Scott Criss spinning the tunes for us. Hope you can join the fun and “cherish” life with us.

To more birthdays…….



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