Bain’s Life of Relay

Well, well, well, I think this was one amazing Kick Off weekend to remember, don’t you? It certainly has been for me.

This being my third season for Relay For Life of Second Life, but my first as a team captain has certainly changed what I do and how.

When I first got the Relay bug, I was on a team for a few brief weeks, setting up and doing Social Media promoting for Harmony of Hope, before I recruited to the committee doing the same for them.

That first year was a real eye opener for me. My second season was just as delicious, and was able to savor the flavor and I grew, and I changed. They say that Relay is a life changing experience, and I can say, that it has changed me.

The timing of this experience couldn’t have come at a better time for me, as I had just been slammed with a series of setbacks on the career front, had to declare bankruptcy and find a new career path, as the old one was done for.  At about the Half Way There Fair back in 2011, I had been given an opportunity from the government’s action plan to help people affected by that recession many of us experience to return to school for re-training and I jumped at the chance.

My first thought was to further my existing career path, but one reflecting on the work I had done in those few short months of Relay on the 2011 season, I realized a few things. That I was using some of the life skills I loved most in my long working life. That I have always supported the work of charities and non profits organization. And that Social Media and Social Media promoting is where I could bring all this and more together. So I took a leap of faith, changed paths and enrolled into a two program for advertising and marketing, and to date, have never looked back.

Fashion For Life 2013Fast forward to this year, I find myself launching my own RFL of SL team, embarking on a whole new career and the love I have found, or maybe that love that has found me, but she fuels my soul and my being with hope and passion and I could not let her go and I hug her every night and tell she I love her. My Real life and my virtual life are become one. We are, I am on the same mission, to help where I can, help grow organizations reach their fundraising goals and do what I can to make my little part of the world better.

This RFL ADvocacy team has been really taken be back too. Of all the tools we have to fight back and fundraise, I know advocacy is the most profound and the most powerful weapon one can yield. Let me explain with numbers. You know last year some 2,500-3,000 people helped raise $375,000 usd. When you do the math, with all things being equal, that between $125-150 per person. We all know that reality is in fact different, some more, other else. Some do the organizing and coordinating, other put all the effort to use and do what needs to be done., as one big team.

That’s what teams do, take all this planning and scheming and fundraise. Some rez a kiosk hold dances and point people were we wish people to go, week, after week, all season long. On the other extreme are the mega events teams. Pour an all out for bear effort into a condense effort and we all taken aghast by their efforts, usually in the stunning, aye inspiring way.  And in between, is every color of the rainbow, from all walks of life and with the magic of Second Life, from every imagination possible.

Regardless of which end of the spectrum people are on, we yield advocacy. Advocacy for what we do. Advocacy tells people what these funds do, the good we are making happen. The support we create, the services we help fund.  Advocacy tells our stories, the story of a cancer survivor, the story of a caregiver, the story of how this thing we do makes a difference. And whether you know it or not, but I sure you do, through advocacy we create new fighters. Through advocacy every person we infect with the Relay bug, we potentially add another $125-150 to our effort.

That is why I choose RFL ADvocacy for my teams name. We will fight and fundraise and do what teams do and fundraise. We have a simple plan to spread our effort to the grid. But we will place advocacy first. We will tell what Relay is to new eyes and new ears. We try and infect people with our enthusiasm for this thing called Relay.

Where this life of Relay take me, even I don’t know. Best to hang on and enjoy the ride.


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