Press Release: Relay For Life of Second Life Kickoff

2013 RFL 100 Yrs Logo Square Alpha

The 2013 Relay For Life of Second Life season is ready to launch.  On Saturday, March 9, 2013, at 10am SLT, the Relay For Life Kickoff Celebration will be held on 4 special “kickoff” regions bordering the American Cancer Society Island.

More than 107 teams have pre-registered to participate in this year’s Relay For Life fundraising season in Second Life, but there is plenty of room for more.  Anyone who has registered, or is interested in registering a team is encouraged to attend the Kickoff Celebration to learn more about this year’s Relay For Life season.  If you are interested in learning more, contact Gem Sunkiller inworld, or you can join the Relay For Life Volunteers Group, or you can visit

The 2013 Relay For Life of Second Life theme matches that of the American Cancer Society’s 2013 campaign: Celebrating 100 Years of Hope.

“2013 marks the 100th birthday of the American Cancer Society.  Our teams voted last year to use this as an opportunity to align with the organization to celebrate the many successes that we’ve had over the last 100 years of fighting cancer…and to re-commit ourselves to doing as much as we can to finish the fight,” says Stingray Raymaker, American Cancer Society Manager of Digital Platforms.

The 2013 Relay For Life of Second Life Planning Committee is led by Chairperson, Nikki Mathieson and her two Co-Chairs, Dwen Dooley and Serina Juran.  To view the entire committee, visit

Relay For Life of Second Life Volunteers have raised more than $1.5 million USD since we began relaying in 2005.

“We come together each March determined to make a difference.  Each July we line 40 sims of virtual track and celebrate survivors, remember loved ones lost and re-commit to finish the fight.  Over the past 8 years we have walked more than 8000 miles of virtual track together.  It is the largest, most amazing event in Second Life, bar none,” says Nikki Mathieson.  “We welcome new Relayers, we need you!  We are friends, we are family, we are caregivers, we are survivors.. we are supporters. Come relay with us!  You can do that by forming a team, joining an existing team, becoming a 2013 Sponsor and by joining our group.  Visit our RFL warehouse by teleporting in to the American Cancer Society sim and check out our website for more info. Join with hundreds of incredible Second Life Relay volunteers, all united in this important mission that truly affects us all.  Prepare to be amazed at the awesome work being done right here in SL.  You’ll never forget it!”

Getting involved in Relay is easy, says Serina Juran.

“Grab some of your friends and form a team,” she says. “You’ll meet a lot of fun, hardworking people and also get the satisfaction from helping a worthy cause. Teams can work together to raise funds and often do.”

Throughout the season, there are multi-team events to participate in that draw people from across the grid for exciting fun.

The Kickoff Celebration will showcase improvements made to the fundraising technology, some changes to the season activities, and an opportunity to learn about the American Cancer Society’s mission over the last 100 years.

Relay For Life is the signature fundraising event of the American Cancer Society.  Money raised in Second Life is automatically routed through our volunteers’ accounts and deposited directly into the Relay For Life’s holding account. “This ensures donation integrity while allowing our teams to receive recognition for their fundraising efforts,” says Stingray Raymaker.


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