Second Life Cheerleading Squad at The County Music Jam

Snapshot _ Country Music Jam...Together...we can finish this fi

The Second Life Cheerleading Squad is a virtual cheerleading team dedicated to bringing Spirit and Fun to the residents of Second Life.

Started in 2007 by Christi Charron, the SLCS has blossomed into the largest and most successful Cheerleading group within Second Life. The beautiful, intelligent, spirited, professional, and fun loving girls are always ready to “Bring it On” for many events.

SLCS has an extensive outreach on the grid which includes Relay for Life. Their inspiration is to make a positive difference in SL and to help those that need it.  According to Team Co-Captain Kristina Curtau along with Co-Captain Valkyrie Twine, “We have members affected by cancer. We feel like it is our duty to help in anyway we can. Just that we love RLF and really appreciate the chance to help.”


7Seas Fishing Contests

This Saturday Holocluck Henly and the RFL ADvocacy team will be hosting two 55-minute 7Seas Fishing Contests at Relay For Life Country Music Jam.

7seas RFL event 4170

For best results have your rod and bait ready.  Come anytime from 8:45am SLT onward

1. Promptly at 9am SLT will be a 55 Minute baited & unlimited fishing contest for seasoned players (and anyone new who’d like to take the plunge).   A pro rod and bait are encouraged for this contest for a chance to win.

2. Starting at 10am SLT will be a 55 min Limited contest which will *not* require bait. This will be ideal for newcomers to the 7Seas Fishing Game. Casual & unbaited pro rods may be used for this contest.

In addition to 7Seas’ salvage & creatures, from 8:45am till 11am SLT there will also be custom catches by Holocluck Henly.

For both contests the top 5 winners on the board will receive custom trophies!

** IMPORTANT ** Playing the 7Seas Fishing Game may require a fishing rod and bait.
RFL Advocacy does not believe in linking to our own vendors to profit from this event. If you would like to play, please visit 7Seas Headquarters to purchase your rod and bait before coming to the contest.

Also please visit their website at for info on rods & catches.

RFL ADvocacy is going to give away 10 Bulk Bait Buckets!!! (Bulk = 600 casts)
LIKE the “Relay For Life of Second Life” Facebook Page and look for Holocluck Henly’s post that morning with instructions.


The Bangles by Lightning Strikes

Do we have a party for you tonight, or do we have a party?

This Friday Evening, from 8-9pm SLT, AXtion 3 and RFL ADvocacy is presenting for your entertainment pleasure

*** The Bangles by Lightning Strikes ***


AXtion 3 and RFL ADvocacy have teamed up to bring you a concert series this Relay Season, every Friday night, from many amazing bands of Second Life, some you many know and seen already, others you may not have seen, but I know, you will enjoy, just as much.

Everyone at AXtion 3 are super excited and motivated to become much more involved with RFL of SL, for personal reasons, much like the reasons we all have, because cancer has touched people they love, people they care deeply for, and also wish to do their part, to stop this. So AXtion 3 going to add their voice and make some NOISE, and NOISE is something they know how to make, with their instruments and songs.

So please stop by to welcome them to the family.

2013 Why I Relay ~ Bain Finch

It’s time of year again, it’s Relay Season!

One thing I pushed while my time on the RFL of SL Committee, was the making of “Why I Relay” testimonials for the RFL of SL Update blog, and audio recordings for use by the DJ’s of relay.

I have written and recorded several over time, long ones, short ones, some as short as a single line of text: “You just need to look in the eye of someone fighting cancer, you will see my Why I Relay looking back at you.

Now with the 2013 season, I am compelled to do another.

Bain FinchI have truly have lost count of how many people I know, that have been touched by the icy and indiscriminate finger of cancer. I’ve lost family members, I’ve lost dear friends. BUT, with the hard work and tireless effort of Relay people around the world, together we are marching toward better treatment options, we are marching towards higher survivor rates, and we are creating a heck of a lot more birthdays, every single day, with every lap we walk. I am Bain Finch, cancer caregiver, and to be completely honest with you, I relay to find the cure, before that icy and indiscriminate finger of cancer, touches me.

If you are inspired to share your “Why I Relay”, give me a shout and I can help you record one with the tools on your computer.

Bain Finch

National Furry Day Dance

TEAM FOX STAR celebrated NATIONAL FURRY DAY with a dance on Wednesday March 20th, the day the furry fandom became popular in the public eye.

Relay for Life Team 92_ Team Fox Star Event Land, RyThe event was presented by Team Captain DJ Rycon and his wife, Co Captain Takari Rose Bamaisin, Host and Events Coordinator.

TEAM FOX STARS’s mission is to celebrate special memorial and holiday days through music and dance. Kudos on a beautiful and well planned event!!!!

#2 Team 92_ Team Fox Star Event Land, Ry
You can follow TEAM FOX STARS blog at

Saint Patrick’s Day Party at Club Apocalypse

The Annual Saint Patrick’s Day Blast was held at Club Apocalypse on Sunday March 17 to benefit Team Relay Hope, Team Captain, Nightwalker Galaxy. The event was organized by Blossum Bluebird.

DJs Bball Braveheart and Topo Nightfire kept the Irish music, old and new, playing for eight hours!!! The club is owned by Bball and Jaguar Braveheart and Blossum Bluebird. The event raised over L$25, 654 for Relay for Life of Second Life!!!!!

Jag's event 130317_001

For Trader

This as my first year captain, I can only hope my team will be going strong in six years, like Trader’s Bid Me Bald, but its back in its SIXTH Year!

Wall“Bid Me Bald – The Relay Rockers Signature Fundraising event in support of the American Cancer Society’s Relay For Life of Second Life, returns for a 6th year!   The event, which pairs Relay Volunteers with a Barber Chair and a Pair of Scissors, has been a mainstay event for the Rockers since 2007 and has been used by other teams across Relay For Life of Second Life.” ~ Trader Whiplash

Trader is someone I admire, and in part, what is a bit at the heart, of what Team ADvocacy is about. Trader is all about mission statement and message. And he’s done everything he could do, to get that message out, with the Rockers, T1Radio, working at every level of Relay, for the committee at the ‘big events’ to help Team R Us, or teaming up with other teams, offering his services, or the backup stream. I have been the recipient of these services on several occasions, and for a few of those times, I am so grateful, beyond words. ::winks happily:: RFL Advocacy is here to make noise too.

So a sixth year of honoring and respecting, those for whom the choice was made, not by themselves, but by Chemo and other cancer treatments with Bid Me Bald of the Relay Rockers, rock on!

This is how it works. Bidding started today, March 20th, and for each $L5000 donated during the next week Trader will go day without hair.

Snapshot _ T1Radio's LEGENDS Classic Rock Club (Established 200

On Behalf of the Relay Rockers

–  Nuala Maracas, Capt.

–  Trader Whiplash, Capt

–  Ariel Goldrozen, Co-Capt

–  Arizona Ballinger, Co-Capt

For More Information or to become a Bid Me Bald participant contact Melodie Jigsaw,  Bid Me Bald Coordinator