Memorial Gardens at ACS Island

Memorial GardensPanza and Bain would like to share with you why this solemn, special place was chosen as the site of their wedding.

This is a place of memories, of love remembered and celebrated.

This place lives because of and for those that came before us all.

These are the memorials of mothers, fathers, daughters, sons and friends of people who have been touched by cancer, a cause which brought Panza and Bain together.

They come here to honor the memories of those lost as they begin their life together, and celebrate the many lives lived and being lived today because of advances in cancer research and treatment.

This tree before you is a representation of the coming together of people, made stronger by their unity, their commonality, their mutual strength that spreads past the bounds of this virtual world.

The two trunks, which sprouted as individuals, are now joined, growing stronger together, giving shelter to all who come here and showing that through many, strength only grows. That through celebrating life, through remembering those we have lost, we continue to fight back with the spread of love mimicked in the spread of the branches over us.

We gather here today, with a foot in the past and another in the future, while our hearts and minds are firmly rooted like this tree … in the present, to share in Panza and Bain’s happiness. We do this with  the spirits of our lost friends, who I know are smiling down upon us all.

This is a celebration of life both present and eternal.

VowsWe have so many people to thank, for making this day so very special for us. Catt Gable and Stingray Raymaker for the use of the beautiful Memorial Gardens, at the American Cancer Society Island. Queen MaiaCer Lysette for the use and her effort setting up the lovely reception area. Trader Whiplash for the use of the T1Radio stream. Aryon Dagger for officiating our ceremony. Sue Mowadeng for providing the entertainment for the reception. And lastly but no less important all our friends and family. You all made a special day, that much more special.


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