What is advocacy?

The dictionary definition of advocacy is “the act of pleading for, supporting, or recommending; active espousal” and espousal is defined as “adoption or advocacy, as of a cause or principle.”

In Relay, advocacy is the cornerstones of all our activities. We as Relayers, we primarily fundraise to generate the funds, that fuels the search for the cure against cancer. As participant in one of the largest group of volunteers in the world, we support cancer survivors and caregivers, either through our efforts and those in our ranks as team members.

We help promote the efforts of the global fight of the cancer society in 23 countries and two virtual worlds with education about health, treatment options, cancer facts and more, through our event promotions. And in so going, are the engine of advocacy against this foe.

This is the heart of this Relay For Life of Second Life team RFL ADvocacy and this blog of ADvocacy Exchange.

Every since I became involved with Relay, I discovered the power of advocacy and that it, is our strongest weapon. Through advocacy we teach. Through advocacy we promote. Through advocacy we fly the banner, that is Relay For Life. With advocacy, we create new Relay fighters.

As a team, we will do what Relay people do, fundraise and we fight for for that one wish, More Birthdays.

Our weapon of choice is our voice of advocacy.

Please visit our Convio page and help make a difference by Donating a few dollars, Dedicate a Luminaria to someone special or Joining Our Team and Fight Back with us.



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